Houlton Sector, Maine

UPDATES 05/02/2015
Shift Bids
The Local was recently made aware that Houlton Sector implemented a unilateral change to the Shift Bid Program. It was decided that the denial portion of the Shift Bid Program would be modeled after how the Fort Fairfield Station does it, ie the junior agents can be denied every other rotation. The Local has discussed the change with the Chief and he has promised he will get back to us. As we find out more information we will pass it along.  
If this change will negatively affect you and/of if you disagree with the change let us know. Thus far the majority of the agents at Fort Fairfield Station have expressed their desire that the shift bid language be made unambiguous so that it is fair for all involved. 
Shift Start Times
We were notified 5/02/15 that shift start times will change as of 05/03/2015 Please get in touch with your Local  Station Representative for further information. Information is still being received by the L2349 and will be shared as it becomes available.
Alternate Work Schedules
AWS for agents earning AUO has been put on hold since the OT transition plan has been cancelled. However, FLSA-exempt agents, and those agents not earning AUO and who are currently earning FEPA due to sector assignments, will be scheduled overtime in accordance to the election selected (level 1, level 2 and basic). Also the Local has spoken with the Chief about implementing AWS for non-agents and the Chief responded that he will look into the feasibility.
We are still working to get Houlton Sector to implement a health improvement program (HIP). Though there is a national pilot program in place for certain sectors the remaining sectors are free to implement HIP if they so desire. Recently Grand Forks signed a HIP MOU that allows their agents to work out on duty. We are currently collecting information on what the specific medical and health benefits are in favor of a HIP. If you have any special insight on this please contact us so your expertise can be used.
Snowmobile gear
We are still working with sector to get an MOU for what gear they will supply us with. Sector has agreed to bargain this and we are still in the process of scheduling a time we can sit down and talk.
ByLaws Committee
Thank you for all the people that volunteered to be on the ByLaws Committee. Mark Phillips is acting as the chair for this committee and both Jeremey Shaw and Matthew Swanson are on the committee. If you have a desire to help modernize our bylaws let us know.
OBP HQ rolled out the new SPEAR policy on how they will come after our agents if they are involved in domestic or alcohol related arrests. This policy is ill-advised as it forces an agent to defend himself (or chose not to) when criminal charges are pending. We have heard from management that many of those involved in such incidents are being proposed with termination. The program has not been bargained on at the national level and we are working with national on how to mitigate its affects on the agents. However, the best defense is to stay smart and don't put yourself in the position to be arrested for domestic or alcohol related incidents.
Stay safe